When using the Domain Name Manager bundled inside the Website Control Panel, it will be possible to take care of all of your domain names easily, within the same place you command your websites. Plus, the Domain Name Manager is stuffed with all the tools you will need to successfully control every aspect of your domain names.

Multi– Domain Name Management

Handle every one of your domain names in one place

The IHSpro Domain Name Manager features an intuitive interface from which you’re able to maintain all of your domain names and web sites with merely a mouse click. You will find an assortment of domain name adjustments such as – the option to manage WHOIS, alter name servers, set custom DNS records, lock/unlock domain, etc., attainable. Additional domain regulations include limitless parked domain names, URL re–direction, WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

If you’ve got numerous domains, you can utilize the ’bulk domain’ option to register, transfer or renew different domains at the same time. Much of the change domain solutions are also appropriate for different domains at one go.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Extensive DNS management

From the Domain Name Manager user interface, it will be possible to rather quickly adjust crucial DNS records for domain names, registered or transferred to your cloud hosting account. You are able to promptly set up custom: A, AAAA, MX, SRV, CNAME, TXT, etc. records, modify them at a later time and also return to the default values if you’re not satisfied with a certain change.

At any moment, you are able to register your individual name servers – dns1.your–domain.com and dns2.your–domain.com to raise your brand name identification amid users.

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Domain Parking

Park as much domains as you wish

From the Website Control Panel, it is possible to register catchy domain names as well as park them on the internet up until you populate them with content or resell them to somebody else at a good price. At the time you park a domain, you can pick to divert your domain to a theme web page (’Under Construction’ page if you’re going to employ it for a website, or a "for sale" webpage in case you want to trade the domain) as well as to a completely operational website.

You can preserve a domain name parked for as long as you need! In the Domain Name Manager, it is easy to modify the ’parked’ state of domain name and connect it to a web site with a mouse click.

Hepsia File Manager

Redirect Your Domains

Point your domains to additional websites

From our Domain Name Manager, you can actually forward a domain to a new domain regardless of whether it is hosted inside your cloud hosting account or anywhere else. With the straightforward interface, you only need to decide on the domain name that you like to reroute and after that specify the website url at which you want it to go to. To be able to point the domain straight back to your shared web hosting plans account, you simply must click the ’Host Domain’ button and let a couple of seconds for the change to happen.

Domain redirection is most required in instances when you choose two distinctive domains to open up the exact same website. In this case, you’ll have one of the domain names set with the web content and the additional domain name pointed to the same content.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Secure your sensitive information

Your domain name registration details are publicly available by principle. Happily, there’s a approach to stop it from demonstrating online by means of WHOIS Privacy Protection! With this solution, all your WHOIS data won’t display online if somebody produces a WHOIS search for your domain.

Nevertheless, when someone really must get in touch with you concerning your website name, they can makes use of the email mentioned in the WHOIS data and we’ll forward it for you easily.

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SSL Services

A need–to–have for virtually any online shop.

An SSL Service can offer your visitors a guarantee that your particular website is safe to make online dealings or register as a member. It will encrypt all delicate information that is transported involving the site visitors and your site and can block pretty much all efforts for misuse.

Within the Domain Name Manager in the IHSpro Website Control Panel, it’s easy to request an SSL certificate for use on your web store or community site. Just simply decide on if you need your SSL certificate to be for 1 or an array of sites and click on the Request button. Your new SSL certificate is going to be running suitable for you in no time.

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