Managing your own hosting machine may not be very simple and in some occasions it could be incredibly aggravating, especially if you don't have much experience and you are not confident what to do in certain situations. The server has its own Os and processes running on it, therefore you may have to take care of problems that you haven't come across with a standard shared internet hosting plan where the provider addresses the server maintenance while you manage only your web content through a website hosting Cp. In the event that some service stops responding, for instance, or some process start overloading the hosting server, you shall have to take measures to restore the correct operation of the hosting server. In the event that you haven't dealt with these kinds of situations in the past, you could employ the Monitoring & Rebooting function, that's a part of our optional Managed Services upgrade package.

Monitoring and Rebooting in VPS Servers

You can benefit from our service with each and every VPS server plan we offer you and you can order the Managed Services pack anytime with no more than a few clicks either when you subscribe or through your billing area. Our system admins will keep an eye on the system processes on your Vps not only manually, but also by employing an advanced automated system, so they will be informed the second something goes wrong - a script which employs too much memory or CPU time, a process that has stopped responding or went offline for whatever reason, and so on. They'll examine the cause of the issue and will reboot your VPS. With this upgrade you can save funds for costly third-party monitoring services which some companies offer, but even if they inform you about an issue, they can't do anything to resolve it. Our system admins, in contrast, possess both the expertise and the access to do that quickly.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers

It shall take you several mouse clicks to add the Managed Services package to the dedicated server plan that you have selected and our seasoned team of admins will start monitoring the server closely to make certain that it is working adequately all of the time. A variety of automated checks will also be added, so they shall be aware of any problem the moment it appears. High Central processing unit load, an app using too much memory or a system process that has stopped responding are only a few examples of the problems which we can keep an eye for and resolve once the cause for their appearance is determined. If necessary, the dedicated hosting server will also be rebooted, so you will not need to do anything whatsoever on your end. With this service you'll not need to pay to third-party monitoring organizations that can only inform you if anything goes wrong but do not have the access to deal with a problem.